The Ruby Tower Syndicate

Tiny Teeth, Big Attitude

Who knew they could fit so many drakes into one dale?

Having received an urgent message from the village of Padwick, Miranda sent the party to see what could be done. After a brief rest at the tower, they mounted their new horses and galloped northward.

A spokesman for the town greeted them with hat in hand and a beleaguered mien, explaining that several woodmen had be set upon by swarms of needlefang drakes, cat-sized reptiles with too many teeth and terrible tempers. Woodsmen and hunters had begun to fear for their lives each time they ventured into the forest to make a living, and the children of the village could no longer be allowed to play outdoors.

The Ruby Tower agents immediately stabled their horses and set off to find the source of the problem. It wasn’t long before dozens and dozens of the tiny monsters picked up their scent and attacked. The battle was long and bloody, and in the end the party’s fighter, Dangorin, figured the needlefang death count to be well over a hundred, with no casualties on the side of the mammals.

Just before the drake battle, Morrigan the ranger was sure she heard shouts coming from a bit deeper into the forest, so after having cleaned off their blades and taken a quick swig from the waterskin, they forged ahead to investigate.

To no one’s great surprise, they found a small encampment of kobolds, several of whom were chasing individual needlefangs into the bushes. Even less surprising was the fact that they were failing abysmally in their attempts to tame the little beasts. However, much to the Tower agents’ chagrin, the kobolds had managed to tame some larger drakes. They also had a wyrmpriest with them, who cast glob after glob of stinging acid as the party fought madly against the coordinated attacks of the other kobolds and their scaly pets.

The party did triumph once again, and they returned as heroes to the village and thereafter back to the tower. It was certain that their names and faces would be remembered well, if not throughout the Dales just yet, at least in the village of Padwick for now.



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