A Warlock who in the name of Erathis would whether smite you then smell you.


10 – Str, 16 – Con, 11 – Dex, 16 – Int, 10 – Wis, 16 – Cha AC 16 HP 33 Sickle +1 magic Wand Feats: Helfire Blood, Ferocious Rebuke


Orphaned at an early age, she was raised in the loving home of the Dragonborn family who found her among the village ruins. Unfortunately, they were only “loving” to themselves and their worthless offspring. Her duties were first in caring for the family’s weapons and supplies. Once she was strong enough, she became the offspring’s training partner (or should we say their punching bag). After the family mysteriously vanished, she roamed the countryside until finding an isolated temple of Erathis. This is where she learned the true meaning of life and the necessity of civilizing the wilderness for the good of all (or at least better her life). The priest discovered her natural talents in the arts of Infernal Pact. It excited them to think it will further their cause yet chilled them at knowing the power she can conjure. She was sent to the Ruby Tower to fulfill her destiny.


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