Dwarf Fighter


Axe Fighter, Male Dwarf, 70 years old, 4’6”, 190lbs, Good, Moradin

Str: 17, Con: 16, Dex: 14, Int: 10, Wis: 16, Cha: 8

HP: 67 Bloodied: 33 Surge Value: 16 Surges/Day:12

AC:25 W/sheild and Axe, Fortitude: 19, Reflex: 19 W/Sheild, Will: 17

Feats: Dwarven Weapon Training, Quick Draw, Devoted Challenge, Armor Proficieny (Plate)

Trained Skills: Dungeoneering, Athletics, Endurance


At-Will: Crushing Surge, Brash Strike

Encounter: Passing Attack, Crushing Blow, Reckless Strike

Daily: Brute Strike, Dizzying Blow

Utility: Boundless Endurance, Unbreakable

Equipment: Battlecrazed Waraxe +2, Dagger, Dwarven Plate Armor +2, Heavy sheild, Heal Potion x3, Standard Adventurer’s Kit, Belt Pouch x2, Horse and Riding Gear.


I am Dangorin, son of Dang, son of Dangor! My Clan hails from the decimated lands now known as the East Rift. With the loss of the great city of Underhome, my Clan has taken the glorious task of guarding and manning the Fortress of UnderHome. As for me, I am the next in line as the Head of my House. I have been sent to gain glory and prestige for my clan, and to find allies in the free peoples of these lands for trade and trust between dwarves and other races.


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