Angovar Halberdson

A self-described hero who turned out to be somewhat less than heroic


Scion of a wealthy merchant family, Angovar Halberdson had nearly limitless resources and boundless imagination. In the lands of Faerûn, this can be a most dangerous combination.

Determined to make his name as a hero, Angovar decided the surest way to do so was to slay a dragon. Having heard rumors of a new dragon presence in the southern Dalelands, he did some research and concocted a scheme that would allow him to draw out said dragon before some other hero could track it down and steal his glory.

First, he went to the bazaar and purchased the shiniest armor and sword he could find, after being assured by the merchant that it held the strongest possible enchantments. (It didn’t.) Then he hired the Ruby Tower Syndicate to obtain a large quantity of scathebeast musk. Then he hired an alchemist to distill the rank substance into a reagent suitable for a ritual. Finally, he hired a wizard to create a ritual that would disperse the material into the air and attract the attention of the nearest dragon.

Apart from the arms merchant, all of his hirelings were most reputable, and each performed his or her part in a flawless and timely manner. Feeling fully prepared to meet his destiny, Angovar tracked down the Ruby Tower party and invited them to follow him into the forest as witnesses to his heroic feat.

What they witnessed was instead a very abrupt end to a rather lengthy ritual, as a tremendous gray dragon swooped down from the sky and plucked the armored buffoon from his ritual altar, flying away home before anyone could shout a warning.

The dragon, clearly not as foolhardy as Halberdson, had the foresight to organize a kobold ambush while the ritual was underway, and the little monsters did their best to wipe out the Ruby Tower witnesses as soon as their master had taken care of the would-be dragonslayer. Fortunately, the witnesses turned out to be far more heroic than Angovar, and the kobold crew was obliterated in short order.

Halberdson is presumed dead, but as he was carried bodily away by his erstwhile quarry, his demise has not been definitively confirmed.

Angovar Halberdson

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