Marlee Washburn

Tamer and trader of the Dalelands' finest steeds


The genial, mildly eccentric proprietress of a horse ranch in Cantering, Tasseldale, Marlee Washburn is one of the Dalelands’ foremost trainers of steeds.

Loyal and even-tempered, a Washburn horse is nearly impossible to spook or startle. Marlee has a knack for breeding some very bright animals, and they are generally all responsive to a wide array of commands before being sold.

Lady Washburn cares very deeply for each and every steed she raises, and she will not give a second thought before refusing to sell to anyone who gives her the impression that they might be a cruel or careless master.

While her grandmaster’s knowledge of breeding encompasses only horses, her taming and training skills extend far beyond a single species. Anyone who manages to procure a more exotic mount would be well-advised to bring it to Marlee for a lesson or two before attempting to employ it in any stressful capacity, especially combat.

Marlee Washburn

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