Padwick is a struggling village located in the forests of Battledale, about 30 miles west of the Ruby Tower.

There is coin to be made for the village’s hunters, lumberers, woodcrafters and furriers, but a pall of ill fortune seems to plague the settlement. Most of the time, this hard luck takes the form of a rampaging monster of one sort or another, but occasionally a minor plague or vermin infestation will break out. One time, a tornado demolished the town’s communal warehouse, leaving every business in Padwick with next to no inventory and nothing to show for a season’s labor.

Not long ago, a party of kobolds wandered into the woods looking for needlefang drakes to tame. Their efforts had the opposite effect, sending the vicious little reptiles to run amok throughout the forest and occasionally into the village. The townsfolk are most grateful that the Ruby Tower was able to send out a small party of adventurers to get to the bottom of the problem, exterminating a large number of the pesky drakes in the process.

Not too far north of Padwick is one of the Dalelands’ infamous Ghost Holds where agents from the Ruby Tower recently uncovered a nest of undead. The party managed to lay quite a few of the abominations to rest, but were forced to make a tactical retreat before they could ascertain the full extent of the situation.


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